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In instant, serious accidents or unfortunate injuries or wrongful death turn the lives of victims and their families upside down. Our law firm is there for you if this has happened and if we can help you obtain a good outcome. People call us within McKinney and other areas throughout the Dallas / Fort Worth metroplex at (469) 714-3000. We offer them help and put our compassionate, efficient, and powerful McKinney personal injury attorney services to work. Our team handles catastrophic injuries and wrongful death. This means that we do not handle common fender benders. This is not because we do not want to help, but rather that we want to make sure that we can truly dedicate our energy and resources to handling the cases that we do take. Our serious commercial and other auto accidents include trucking accident injury cases, wrongful death lawsuits, animal bite lawsuits such as dog bites, and more.

Trusted, Compassionate, Incredible Service

For over 30 years, Richard Weaver has been helping his clients obtain the best possible outcomes for their financial situations. Each client who comes to us is a high priority and we want you to feel that we care. You will receive the kind of treatment and best possible outcomes that we are known for at our law firm. By looking after the needs of our clients, we actually find that a large portion of our clients come as referrals. For this reason, you should not be surprised when we ask you on the phone when you call “Who referred you to our law firm?” Because we certainly want to treat each client like family, and we also do something special to thank our current and past clients when they trust us enough to trust their family or friend with our team. We want you to expect family treatment when calling our office. And this approach means that you will also get straight talk from our team as well. We will not drag you along if we feel we cannot obtain a outcomes that would be good for your case.

Insurance Company Low-balling You? Just Call Us 469-714-3000

Insurance companies are known for looking after the bottom line. And because they are trying to maximize their own profits, you may not be surprised that they low-ball victims, hoping that you do not realize that they are being unfair. They are also hoping for you to accept their low-ball offer because you might be in need of money quick. However, these insurance outfits also know victims represented by a law firm receive over 40% more on average for claims involving bodily injury than victims who represent themselves.

We are knowledgeable about the games that insurance companies play. In some cases, we do not have to worry about games because we know that the insurance company is acting fairly when they know that we are representing the client. If the insurance company knows that you are represented by the Weaver Injury Law Firm, they might quickly change their tune to offer you a fair and reasonable settlement that is the maximum you could hope for in most similar situations. If this is the case, we will advise you about your options and if they continue to play games, we’ll take them to court.

Trust Our Capable, Compassionate Legal Team

As the trusted and best McKinney personal injury lawyer services you can obtain, you will find that the Weaver Injury Law Firm has offices through the metroplex. We deliver our clients the results that are obtained by powerful attorneys. Our legal team is comprised of expert witnesses, capable and caring paralegals, and foremost the compassionate attorneys who fight for clients.

As we seek to obtain the results that show you that you hired the right law firm, you will find that we come to forks in the road where you can choose to accept an offer from the insurance company, or reject it. You may also come to the fork in the road where it appears that the case will either have to go to court, or you will get nothing. These are critical points in the life cycle of a personal injury case. Our team is ready to fight for clients and file lawsuits and take them all the way to trial. Because of this, insurance companies treat our firm differently. However, there are also times when it is the right thing to settle if the offer is the best, fair settlement which we could hope for you to obtain with your case. Or there are also situations where you might be in a position to obtain a higher award by rejecting a settlement offer and taking them to court. But sometimes we feel that the increase in your monetary compensation would be eaten up by the additional costs. For this reason, we offer representation that will adapt for the needs of your unique case.

Because many of us at the law firm have also experienced loss, we seek to provide compassionate representation for injured victims. This does not mean that we think we can understand just how you feel, but it means that we will empathize and cry with you when you are suffering. We truly want to help you and we want that to show through in how we hold your hand through the process.

Free Consultation – Phone, Office, Hospital, or Home Visit

Simply call our team at (469) 714-3000 to schedule your own personalized consultation. We are available literally 24/7/365 and will jump at the opportunity to help you with your difficult situation. This does not mean we can take every injury case that comes through our door, but it means we will do our best to help you, whether we can take your case or not. And we urge you to please call us soon because you could be forfeiting rights to compensation by failing to do things that would protect your rights. An example of this might happen when an insurance company tells you as the victim that they are going to go ahead and cover all your medical expenses. They do not tell you to go get medical care, because frankly they do not want you to obtain medical care. They often make victims feel like they are on their side, but then hope the victim will wait to obtain care until an amount of time has gone by. This is a trick which breaks our heart. For this reason, we urge you to call us and let us discuss with you your options. We promise we will do our best to help you.