The pain of a loved one’s loss can be overwhelming, and grieving takes time. Still, when someone dies accidentally because of another person’s negligence, surviving family members should speak to a good wrongful death lawyer as soon as they are able. Wrongful death attorneys work for the long-term best interests of families. Some families face genuine financial hardship quickly without their deceased loved one’s earnings and benefits. Let an experienced Lewisville wrongful death attorney at the Weaver Injury Law Firm help you and your family after a wrongful death. If you have lost a beloved family member in a wrongful death arising from nursing home abuse, a workplace or construction accident, medical malpractice, or any kind of traffic collision, an experienced Texas wrongful death attorney can look at the facts, provide the advice you need, and aggressively represent you and your family in a wrongful death claim.


A wrongful death action may be pursued whenever negligent or reckless behavior causes a fatality. No family’s pain can be eased by money after the tragic loss of a loved one. Wrongful death settlements, however, do offer families a way forward without financial fears. If you are the child, parent, or spouse of someone whose life is taken by a wrongful death – now or in the future – arrange at once to consult with an experienced Lewisville wrongful death attorney. Learn how the state’s wrongful death law applies in your own situation, and we will help you decide on the wisest legal option. If you pursue a wrongful death lawsuit, the Weaver Injury Law Firm will advocate aggressively for the compensation you deserve.


When an experienced Lewisville wrongful death attorney at the Weaver Injury Law Firm represents your family, you’ll work with a seasoned Texas attorney who routinely handles wrongful death lawsuits and who knows what it takes to prevail on your behalf. If a beloved family member has died suddenly because of someone else’s negligence, contact the Weaver Injury Law Firm as soon as possible at (469) 240-9000. We advocate for grieving families in Lewisville and across the state of Texas.