If are attacked by a dog in or near Lewisville, seek medical attention at once, adhere to your doctor’s orders, identify any possible witnesses, take photographs of your injury – and of the dog, if possible – and speak at once with an experienced Lewisville animal bite attorney at the Weaver Injury Law Firm. For the injured victims of dog bites, it is imperative to have the legal advice and services of a dog bite attorney who regularly handles cases for the victims of aggressive dog behavior. Dog bites can cause rabies, staph infections, muscle and tissue injuries disfigurement, and in 2015, biting dogs were responsible for 34 fatalities in this country. Seek medical treatment at once after a dog attacks.


The “one-bite rule” in Texas allows the victims of vicious dog behavior to seek compensation if an owner had knowledge of previous attacks or aggressive dog behavior, but victims may also sue for personal injuries arising from a dog owner’s negligence. Small children are the most frequent targets of aggressive dogs, followed by the elderly. The time required for dog bite treatment and recovery can be quite lengthy and may include surgeries and physical therapy, but taking legal action after a dog bite injury should be one of your very first considerations. Speak to an experienced Lewisville dog bite attorney at the Weaver Injury Law Firm right away regarding your rights and options after a dog bite or other animal attack.


A good Texas personal injury attorney will help dog bite victims obtain the complete medical care they need – and the resources they need to pay for it. After any dog bite or any other kind of animal attack in the Lewisville area, consult at once with an experienced Lewisville animal bite attorney at the Weaver Injury Law Firm by calling (469) 240-9000. We provide legal representation to dog bite victims in Lewisville and across the state of Texas.