When you’re injured in a traffic accident in or near Keller, and your injury was caused by another driver’s negligence, you need an experienced Keller auto accident attorney to work on your behalf. The Weaver Injury Law Firm represents the injured victims of car accidents in Keller and across the state. If a negligent driver injures you in a Texas auto accident, you are entitled to full compensation for all of your present and future medical expenses, present and future lost income, and all other accident-related expenses.


Every car crash and personal injury is different, so the amount of compensation you can receive depends on the specifics of your particular case. That’s why anyone in the Keller area who is injured in a car crash should speak to an experienced Keller auto accident attorney as quickly as possible. After consulting with a good car accident lawyer, you’ll know where you stand legally and what your best options are. If you file a personal injury claim, a personal injury attorney with the Weaver Injury Law Firm will fight aggressively to win every cent of the compensation you need and deserve.


Car accident injuries can be permanent and life-altering, including amputations and traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries. If you are involved in a car accident anywhere, seek medical attention first. That protects you both medically and legally, even if you are not injured. Sign no insurance documents, and accept no quick insurance settlement prior to speaking with an experienced Keller auto accident attorney at the Weaver Injury Law Firm. Schedule an appointment with an experienced Keller personal injury lawyer by calling (682) 422-6000. The Weaver Injury Law Firm represents the injured victims of negligence in Keller and throughout Texas. If you have been injured, the help you need is right here, so make the call to a good injury lawyer promptly.