More than 83 million dogs are owned as pets in the United States, and the overwhelming majority of those dogs are friendly and sometimes even amazing. Nevertheless, the total number of bites and other injuries caused by aggressive dogs now exceeds 4.5 million annually, and according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the number of dog bite cases requiring surgery exceeds 30,000 a year. In 2015 in the U.S., 34 fatal dog attacks were reported. In or near Keller, if an aggressive dog – or any other pet – bites or attacks you, speak immediately regarding your legal rights and options with an experienced Keller animal bite attorney at the Weaver Injury Law Firm. You may be awarded full compensation for your dog bite treatment and related expenses through a premises liability or personal injury lawsuit.


Animal bites must be treated at once. Biting dogs can cause several diseases, nerve injuries, disfigurement, and long-term psychological trauma. Seek immediate medical attention at once if you or someone you love suffers a dog bite or becomes a victim of aggressive dog behavior. If the dog shows any sign of rabies – or can’t be located – rabies vaccinations may be required. As soon as possible after receiving medical treatment, speak to an experienced Keller dog bite attorney. Dog bite victims are most often small children or the elderly. Treatment and healing for serious dog bites can take quite a long time, but an experienced Keller dog bite attorney at the Weaver Injury Law Firm can help you to win the resources you’ll meet the challenges you’ll face.


Victims of vicious dog behavior and other animal attacks may require long-term therapy and multiple surgeries. They also need the sound legal advice and representation that a good personal injury lawyer can offer. After any dog bite or other animal attack in or near Keller, contact an experienced Keller animal bite attorney at the Weaver Injury Law Firm by calling (682) 422-6000 without delay.