Large trucks are a common sight on Texas highways. If you’re injured in an accident with a large truck, your chances of sustaining a serious injury will be far greater than if you are in a typical accident between two automobiles. Especially at highway speeds, truck accidents are often deadly, and anyone lucky enough to survive typically sustains catastrophic and/or permanent injuries. If you are injured in a truck accident anywhere in Texas, speak without delay to an experienced Irving truck accident attorney about your legal options including a personal injury lawsuit. Let an Irving truck accident attorney with the Weaver Injury Law Firm provide you with the sound advice that truck accident victims need regarding personal injury claims.


Over 300,000 road accidents involving large trucks happened on U.S. streets and highways in 2012, and those traffic accidents caused approximately 100,000 serious injuries and nearly 4,000 deaths. In Texas, if you are injured in a vehicle crash with a large truck, your ability to work may be temporarily or even permanently impaired. The financial, medical, and personal challenges you face may seem quite daunting, but a good accident attorney can help. A thoroughgoing investigation conducted by an experienced injury lawyer will be imperative to determine exactly what happened and who was responsible. The leading causes of truck accidents are speeding, driver fatigue, improper loading of cargo, and poor maintenance; in Texas, personal injury law defines these as negligence. After investigating your accident and injury, an experienced Irving personal injury attorney can fight aggressively and effectively for the compensation that you and every other victim of negligence deserves.


If a negligent truck driver injures you in or near Irving, the obstacles you face may feel overwhelming. Let an Irving truck accident attorney with the Weaver Injury Law Firm help you prove that you’ve been injured by negligence. Call (972) 947-9000 and speak to an Irving accident lawyer after any truck accident that leaves you injured. You are entitled to justice, and you’ll need the help of a good personal injury lawyer, but you must take the first step and make the call.