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Have you been a victims of an auto accident? We welcome you to visit our Irving Injury Law Firm location on MacArthur Blvd in Irving, off State Hwy 114 close to George Bush 161 in Irving. See our address below.

For the victims and their loved ones who’ve been injured in serious car, truck, and other auto accidents, the aftermath can be more than heartbreaking. You could face loss of work, loss of the ability to enjoy your life and your family and the frightening results could leave you worried, but our greatest goal is lessening your pain and lessening your suffering due to your accident injuries. Often our valued injury clients come to us at times of deep and sorrowful turmoil, yet our goal is helping our clients care for themselves and their families after injuries. We seek to help with the added costs of ongoing medical care and the compensation for a diminished life quality if this is what our clients face.

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Call (972) 947-9000 for a consultation with an attorney and other consultants on our knowledgeable, determined, and compassionate team. We can help you arrange a personalized accident consultation to find out just what you should do after you accident.

You may want to sit down with our team and an attorney or talk with us over the phone to discuss personalized legal advice about whether you should hire an attorney for your accident, what kind of compensation you could receive from injuries, and whether negligence and other evidence point to a strong accident claim for your injuries or wrongful death relating to an auto accident, truck accident, or other negligent personal injury accident.

Our Irving office is located close to the intersection of Highway 114 & President George Bush Turnpike on MacArthur Blvd. Conveniently located in a central manner for those throughout the DFW metroplex, you will find quick access to our office. However, regardless of how conveniently located our office can be, the most convenient location for our consultation could be somewhere else, such as your hospital, your home, your place of employment, or another location of your choice.

We Fight Insurance Companies. We Hold Them Accountable!

Because our attorneys square up with the attorneys at powerful insurance carriers and have done so for years and years, we have developed effective strategies to keep them from walking all over victims. We turn the tables on insurance company lawyers and help our injury victim clients get the best possible financial and emotional outcomes. We want you to feel the comfort from powerful, compassionate, and trusted representation. We cannot guarantee any particular legal outcome because the circumstances of every case is different; however, you will quickly find outcomes which our clients experience regularly surpass typical financial settlements for other victims of auto accidents with similar case facts.

We Know What Insurance Companies Won’t Tell You

Our accident law firm wants the chance to earn your trust through our client satisfaction process. We are always seeking to improve our process, to better serve our clients, and to arrive at the outcomes which will best help our clients. We make sure insurance that the representatives of insurance companies do not try to cheat you from fair compensation for your injuries. THEY WANT TO HIDE THE FACT FROM YOU THAT CLIENTS WHO HIRE ATTORNEYS RECEIVE AN AVERAGE OF 40% MORE ON AVERAGE WHEN THEY HAVE REPRESENTATION WITH AN ATTORNEY.

Powerful, Yet Compassionate Accident Representation

Our injury law firm is comprised of powerful attorneys, trained and helpful paralegals, and also accident consultants with genuine concern for our valued clients. We want to earn the trust of each of our clients and will ever go to bat for the best possible outcomes. We invite you to team with us. We invite you to let us show you how we handle cases with best possible results.

Not all cases are the same, and settling cases without trial happens faster and gets you a check sooner, but even though the fast solution may involve a settlement, holding out for trial and pushing back through mediation can result in higher settlement offers and verdicts for our clients. There is a balancing act as we try to get you the best outcome but also to do this in a timely fashion. We do not want to push a lawsuit for you if it is not necessary, but we want to get you the best result. The important fact is that we are prepared for going to trial for each of our clients if the case warrants it. Trials require more money, more time and if an insurance law firm knows that our firm is involved, they will quickly realize when they know us that our firm is serious about trial and has the reputation for trial.

Call (972) 947-9000 for a Personalized Accident Consultation

We invite you not to suffer alone or to suffer silently. You may not be able to keep employment due to injuries. You may have a long road of treatment ahead of you and you may feel that your healing process has not progressed as fast as you hoped. Hospital and other doctor visits can quickly add up in financial costs to our clients and we realize that many people skip out on proper medical treatment because they do not have the means to obtain the treatment. But our attorneys and staff seek the best way to get you the best medical care. We provide clients in all cases where necessary and possible with attorney letters of protection to show medical providers that your legal case is solid enough for them to get paid from the settlement. This allows you to get your important medical care that you need without paying out of your own pocket with money that you may not have.

Consider Important Steps After An Accident

Most people on the road have seen accidents and may not have taken much more than a thought or two about what they would do if they were to get in a serious accident. Read these following steps to keep on your list following an accident.

Consider these post-accident steps:

  1. Consider Your Immediate Medical Needs First– For serious injuries, you may hardly remember the aftermath of an accident because you may even be unconscious. However, if you are conscious, you should also be careful and methodical about avoiding making any sudden movements. If your safety is in jeopardy, then naturally all bets are off and you must–for example–quickly exit a burning vehicle. But with medical help on the way, you should follow the instructions of emergency medical and police personnel.
  2. Note Other Drivers’ Vehicle and Condition – You should have a look at the other vehicles, the other driver, the members of your car and other parties in the other vehicle. You should consider refraining from discussing at length the accident. You should not admit fault because you could be sincere in thinking the accident was your fault when, in fact, police will show you and others that the other driver was at fault. Let the police handle the conversation between you and the other driver.
  3. Obey Police Instructions – When officers arrive–which incidentally you should never let a serious accident come and go without having police come–you should obey officer instructions and make sure they get insurance and other driver license information.
  4. Speak With Witnesses – If you are able, you should consider speaking to witnesses, other drivers, and take notes regarding what they think happened and how it happened. These testimonies and accounts from those who saw an accident can be very important to determining fault in an auto accident.
  5. Get Vital Emergency Treatment – If you are advised to obtain specific treatment such as an ambulance ride to the emergency room, you should naturally get this important medical care and follow emergency personnel instructions from qualified professionals. The best outcome is one where you do not need medical care. But if you are not sure, you should go with your gut and follow instructions of expert medical providers. Hopefully you end up not needing medical care, but do not wait to find out. If there is treatment needed, get the treatment immediately when you need it.
  6. Call An Accident Attorney – Speaking to an accident attorney is free and can preserve important rights after an accident. It is not important for every party to an accident to hire a lawyer following an accident; but it only takes a few minutes to find out whether you should hire a law firm following an accident that caused you serious injuries.