It can happen to anyone, in a moment, and it can change your life forever. Following an auto accident, victims often deal with serious long-term injuries, crushing medical expenses, and other demanding personal challenges. The right lawyer – an experienced Irving car accident attorney – can make all of difference at this difficult time. To win the reimbursement you’ll need, your injury lawyer will have to prove that you were injured, the extent of your injuries, and that the driver who injured you was negligent. You’ll need to take action at once and call an experienced Irving auto accident attorney with the Weaver Injury Law Firm.


When you are injured in a car crash because another person has been negligent, you need a personal injury attorney who will hear you and address your concerns, who will protect your rights, and who will hold accountable the driver who injured you. The Weaver Injury Law Firm works for you. We stand up to the insurance companies and fight for the justice and compensation you need. An experienced Irving auto accident attorney with the Weaver Injury Law Firm prepares thoroughly for every case, conducts a thorough investigation of your accident and injury, gathers and examines the evidence, and questions the witnesses on your behalf. If it’s needed, we obtain the help of medical experts and accident reconstruction specialists to confirm your injury claim. Texas gives traffic accident victims two years to file a personal injury claim arising from a traffic accident, but you need to put a good car accident lawyer on your case at once.


Let an experienced Irving personal injury lawyer with the Weaver Injury Law Firm explain your options and legal alternatives after you’ve been injured in a traffic crash. Make the call to (972) 947-9000 to learn more and to schedule a meeting with an experienced Irving personal injury lawyer. The Weaver Injury Law Firm fights aggressively on behalf of the victims of car accidents in Irving and throughout the state of Texas. If you’ve been injured, don’t hesitate to make the call.

Some Common Questions and Answers After an Accident

Should you give a statement following an accident? This question gets asked a lot, and in many different forms. The reason for this is that the insurance company representatives are often attempting to quickly keep your bodily injury claim from gaining steam. For this reason, it is important that you are cautious about saying anything in a statement to the adjuster or other representatives from the other side’s insurance company.

So to answer this question you’ll consider which insurance company is requesting a written or verbal statement. To be clear, your own insurance carrier would be more on your side than the other driver’s insurance, but even they could be problematic. Sometimes people end up disagreeing with their own insurance company. Hence, the best policy regarding making written or spoken statements to insurance is to speak first to your attorney and proceed according to their specific guidance.

However, even if it is your own insurance company asking, you could be putting something in writing that doesn’t end up being the complete truth, and hence before you provide a written or even a verbal statement to the adjuster, you should speak to your attorney. When referring to the complete truth, we are not inferring that you would be lying to the insurance company, but you could be making a statement about something you believed to have been the case and then it becomes clear later that it was not the case. You might have thought that you caused an accident but later found out that the other driver was intoxicated and was clearly at fault. Hence it is important to avoid making written or verbally recorded statements to insurance until speaking to your lawyer.

Typically, it’s not a smart move to provide a recorded verbal or a written statement to adjusters for the insurance company. If an insurance investigator calls you asking for a statement following an auto accident.

The driver of the other vehicle has their own insurance company. It is common for the adjuster working for that insurance company to infer that you are required by law to provide a statement about the accident. They might go so far as to say that it is required in a way that they stop just shy of acting like it is something that the law requires. They do this because their job is focused on finding holes in your claim and thus finding ways to avoid paying for your medical bills, pain and suffering, and other things associated with the accident.

Case Types Handled by Our Irving Personal Injury Law Firm

You can expect to receive exceptional service by the team at our law firm. One of the reasons that we receive such a large proportion of our cases from referrals is due to the fact that we seek to focus our energy into you, our client. Our natural reaction when someone tries to bully our clients who are victims of serious car accidents is that we will fight almost to the death to obtain the best outcome for our clients. Another thing that becomes necessary to perform at a high level of excellence involves making sure that we can handle the cases we take. We only take specific types of cases and by limiting the types of cases which we take, it allows us to focus more on the cases that we do take.

Some of the case types which our law firm handles include the following:

  • Irving car crash victims of serious injury
  • Las Colinas car wrecks involving amputation
  • Irving car crashes law firm representation for broken bones
  • Auto accident lawyer representation for family of victims who were killed in the crash
  • Irving wrongful death attorney
  • Accident attorney for victims of truck accidents
  • Injury lawyers who are victims of 18-wheeler accidents
  • And more

If you or a loved one has been injured by the negligence of another person or organization, we invite you to call our office early so that we can provide to you our best possible analysis of the situation. When you start early, you can assess whether it will be important for you to hire an attorney. And you may keep in mind that our law firm does not charge you any fees up front, but rather takes the fees as a percentage of the settlement or jury award which we obtain on your behalf for your injuries and other damages.

You can call us today at (972) 947-9000 for a consultation in our Irving law office. If it is more convenient for you as our clients, we also offer our assistance by coming to you at your hospital room, home, or place of employment. Just call us to learn about your rights, we are here to help.