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**We Can Also Do Hospital, Work or Home Visits

Our Grapevine location offers you an open invitation to come to our office near Baylor Regional Medical Center at Grapevine, Baylor Medical Center at Trophy Club, and Forest Park Medical Center in Southlake. Because our team is so close to these hospitals, we can come fast to your bedside if you need us. You may also obtain legal advice on the phone with a 24/7 attorney at (817) 968-3000.

Suffering with Serious Injury?

Our Grapevine, Trophy Club and Southlake team of the Weaver Injury Law Firm has the capable and compassionate guidance of attorneys who have the strong commitment to provide amazing service to clients! Our law firm successfully litigates, settles, and assists clients in cases involving serious, catastrophic injuries as well as wrongful death lawsuits in Texas.

  • Catastrophic Auto Wrecks

    Auto accidents result in a situation requiring a lawsuit if insurance carriers for the responsible driver refuse to provide our clients with the type of settlement that is fair and which will cover their injuries properly. When bodily injury or wrongful death come to a loved one, our team mobilizes to help you with protecting your rights.

  • Nursing Facility Abuse

    Nursing facilities are very heart breaking in a different way from injuries due to accidents. In these cases, it almost feels like the abuse is even more egregious due tot he fact that it could be prevented if a person at the nursing home was simply more caring. In other cases, it is a systemic breakdown where the management or owners are trying to cut corners at the expense of the patients. These cases are heart wrenching because they involve your mother, your father, your uncle or aunt, or grandparent and they could involve cases of sexual abuse, wandering, falls, pressure ulcers, physical abuse, bed sores, or abuse of the financial resources of the elderly. Other situations occur when members of the staff are too lazy and place the patients in physical restraints or when they sedate them heavily in a manner that requires them to work less.

  • Loved One Pass Away in Wrongful Death?

    As serious as accidents can be, the complete loss of a loved one to death is certainly taking this to the next level. Our firm dedicates immense resources to helping you make sure that you are protected from the long term financial effects of losing a spouse, a father, mother, or other member of your family. These tragic losses cannot be replaced, but our goal is to hold those who caused the death to the level of responsibility that will protect your future and that of children.

  • Commercial or other Trucking Accident Injuries

    Weaver Injury Law Firm handles trucking accident and handles the required process to protecting your legal rights. Because larger commercial vehicles and trucks involve create such destruction when involved in wrecks, the injuries are naturally more significant unfortunately. It is important to have a legal team who knows how to deal in the extreme complexities that are involved in trucking accident cases.

We Invite You to Call Our Office Or Come Now

We can come to you if you call us. Or you may receive information over the phone, and our Grapevine location is at your disposal when you call (817) 203-3000 to get directions to our location listed above. We hope that you will be pleased when you meet with us. This is a difficult time and we cannot make the pain go away entirely, but our goal is to help you through this difficult time. We offer compassionate, but also powerful representation by our team which is considered to be made up of the best car accident lawyers in DFW and the Grapevine Mid-Cities area.