Wrongful death lawsuits are similar to personal injury claims in some respects. Proving who is at fault for the accident that caused the death of a loved one is very similar, legally, to proving who is responsible for a personal injury. An experienced wrongful death attorney will work with experts to evaluate the evidence, take depositions from all parties involved, and develop a solid case against whoever is being held accountable for the wrongful death. As difficult as it will be for you, if you lose a family member because of someone else’s negligence in or near Grapevine, contact an experienced Grapevine wrongful death attorney as soon as you can to retain the legal help you need. Call the Weaver Injury Law Firm promptly to discuss a possible wrongful death claim with experienced Texas wrongful death attorneys. A good wrongful death lawyer can examine the facts, advise you, and fight aggressively for your family’s rights under the Texas wrongful death law.


An experienced wrongful death lawyer will show the defendant(s) – and if your case goes to trial, the court – exactly who the wrongful death victim was and how much the person meant to his or her family and friends. A wrongful death action may be pursued whenever an avoidable death is caused by someone else’s negligence. If you’ve lost someone you love to negligence in the Grapevine area, we know that no sum of money can ease your pain, but wrongful death settlements do help families to move ahead without additional financial concerns. If you’re the surviving family member of someone who suffered a wrongful death, call an experienced Grapevine wrongful death attorney at the Weaver Injury Law Firm without delay. A good Grapevine wrongful death attorney will fight for the maximum available reimbursement in a wrongful death lawsuit on your family’s behalf.


If a loved one is suddenly killed because of another person’s negligent action (or inaction), contact the Weaver Injury Law Firm immediately at (817) 203-3000. Families have a very limited time to take action after a wrongful death in Texas, but the Weaver Injury Law Firm can handle your wrongful death lawsuit and provide the assistance you need. Do not hesitate to make the call promptly if your family is suffering after a wrongful death in or near Grapevine.