The National Center on Elder Abuse has reported that over a third of the nation’s nursing home facilities have received citations for violating elder abuse laws. Maybe you’ve read some of the more tragic news stories. Sadly, elder abuse and neglect in nursing homes has been increasing. Nursing homes, of course, are profit-making businesses, but it’s wrong to put monetary considerations above the well-being of aging and often frail nursing home residents. Abuse and neglect in nursing homes cannot be tolerated. The only way that nursing home abuse and neglect can be ended is by reporting abuse in nursing homes and taking effective legal measures. If you know or suspect that your beloved family member is a victim of neglect, abuse, or exploitation in a nursing home in Texas, arrange immediately to speak with an experienced Grapevine nursing home abuse attorney at the Weaver Injury Law Firm.


Nursing home neglect lawsuits can put a stop to mistreatment in nursing homes. Consulting with an experienced nursing home abuse attorney is step one toward stopping nursing home neglect and abuse. If you find that your elderly family member in a nursing home is suffering from unexplained bed sores, bruises, cuts, or sudden mood swings, consult a personal injury attorney who has experience in nursing home abuse and neglect cases. In Texas, any dehydration or malnutrition, any emotional, physical, or sexual abuse, and any failure to monitor patients or to provide necessary medical treatment constitutes illegal abuse.


Texans can stop elder abuse in nursing homes. Reporting nursing home abuse and reporting elder abuse is the important first step. If you have a loved one in a Texas nursing home, and you suspect nursing home neglect or abuse, put a Grapevine nursing home abuse attorney to work for your family right away. Call the Weaver Injury Law Firm at (817) 203-3000 as quickly as you can if someone you love is suffering abuse, because it needs to stop now.