No matter how safe you are as a driver, traffic accidents happen. Many road accidents are genuinely minor – “fender benders” – and don’t result in injuries. At the other end of the accident scale, crashes that involve collisions with large commercial trucks can be terrifying and catastrophic. A fully-loaded truck outweighs a typical car many times over, and a collision between a car and a truck – especially at highway speeds – can cause devastation, death, and for anyone who survives, severe, disabling, and/or permanent injuries. If you’ve been injured in a truck accident, you have legal recourse and options under Texas personal injury law. Contact the Weaver Injury Law Firm to speak with an experienced Fort Worth truck accident attorney regarding your injuries and your best legal options.


In 2012, over 100,000 injuries and almost 4,000 deaths resulted from collisions involving large trucks in the U.S. This year, if you are one of the injured, let an experienced Texas truck accident attorney fight for justice on your behalf. Your accident lawyer can examine the evidence in the case including the truck driver’s logs, your medical records, and police reports. Driver fatigue is the leading cause of truck accidents – speeding is second – but in some truck accidents, it’s not either driver who is negligent. If the cargo on a truck isn’t properly loaded, or if the truck receives inadequate maintenance, it’s a danger to everyone else on the road. Truck accident injuries may be quite serious, including brain and spinal cord injuries, burn injuries, and limb injuries leading to amputation. An experienced Fort Worth personal injury attorney with the Weaver Injury Law Firm will fight aggressively for the maximum available compensation – and for the justice you need – after a truck accident injury.


Winning compensation for your injuries can complicated. Put your personal injury case in the hands of a good Texas personal injury lawyer while you focus on healing and recuperating. We handle personal injury claims for trucking accident victims and other injured victims of negligence in Fort Worth and throughout Texas. An experienced Fort Worth truck accident attorney with the Weaver Injury Law Firm is ready now to help the injured victims of trucking accidents. If that includes you or someone you love, call us right away at (817) 438-2000 to discuss your case with an experienced Texas injury lawyer.