Suffered in a Catastrophic Accident?

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The office is downtown, however, you should expect excellent service, easy parking, and more. But if visiting downtown is difficult for you to handle, we can gladly provide assistance with complimentary valet parking, or help by coming to you.

**Remember, We Do Home or Hospital Visits for Victims of Catastrophic Injury or Their Family

Suffering From Serious or Catastrophic Injuries?

Our team can help you when you are suffering under the strains of difficult medical conditions from catastrophic injury. And even though a multitude of attorneys will be willing to take cases involving small injuries, these same attorneys cannot provide dedicated and personalized attention for clients of catastrophic injuries because they simply will not have the bandwidth to handle it. Because our firm chooses to only represent severely injured victims, we can devote additional resources to keep our clients well taken care of.

Permanent Physical Injuries Could Include:

  • Injuries resulting in limbs being amputated
  • Injuries resulting in disfigurement
  • Injuries at birth
  • Injuries resulting in paralysis
  • Injuries involving broken bones
  • Injuries resulting in brain injury
  • Injuries from serious burns
  • Injuries to the spine

Has An Accident Caused Lasting Physical Damage?

These specific types of injuries are more permanent in nature. Because of the loss of quality of life that comes with these types of injuries, it will be particularly important to make sure that your future is assured. And other accidents have increasingly come to result in serious accidents. Texting or other types of careless driving, or high speed car accidents cause major collisions.

Call our team at (214) 984-3911 to receive your personalized consultation at our office to receive more information. While our law firm cannot ethically make any promises regarding the specifics of an outcome, what we can do is offer to you our commitment to do our best in serving clients and their family. We pledge to you than you will be able to trust Weaver Injury Law Firm as a top rated personal injury lawyer firm in Dallas.