Bus accidents are increasing as Texas cities and streets become more crowded each year. Injuries on public buses are also on the increase. When a bus accident happens because of driver negligence, defective equipment, or poor maintenance, obtain the legal advice and counsel of a Dallas public transportation injury attorney immediately. You won’t be surprised to learn that suing the government isn’t easy. If you are injured riding DART in Dallas, “the T” in Fort Worth, or any other public transportation in Texas, call the Weaver Injury Law Firm as quickly as possible.

When the Facts Emerge

When you sustain an injury as a result of using public transportation, you’ll need an experienced attorney on your side who knows what it takes to win a lawsuit against a government agency and to win the compensation you deserve. When a public bus is in a collision, it’s always complicated. A number of parties are involved – drivers, injured passengers, pedestrians, and people in other vehicles, as well as the government agency that runs the bus system. With so many people involved, it’s often tough to determine liability. No two cases are ever the same, so every public bus accident investigation starts with a blank slate. As your attorney compiles evidence and questions witnesses, the facts will emerge and responsible parties can be held accountable. You must, however, act immediately and put an attorney on the case as quickly as you can.

We Help You “Fight City Hall”

In Dallas and Fort Worth, thousands depend on public transportation, including schoolchildren. If you or someone you love has been injured in a public transportation accident in the Dallas-Fort Worth area or anywhere in the state of Texas, contact an experienced Dallas public transportation injury attorney at the Weaver Injury Law Firm immediately. You may be able to have your medical treatment and related expenses reimbursed, but you must call 214-238-9000 as quickly as possible after an accident. Nothing is more important than your health, your family, and your future. If you’ve been injured using public transportation, let the Weaver Injury Law Firm help you “fight City Hall.” Make the call promptly.