If a distracted, intoxicated, or otherwise negligent driver injures you in a Texas auto accident, you may be able to receive complete reimbursement for all of your present and future medical treatment, present and future lost wages, and all of your additional injury-related losses and damages. However, to obtain that reimbursement, you’ll require the legal assistance of an experienced Cedar Hill auto accident attorney. If you’ve sustained a personal injury, you’ll have to prove it, and you’ll also have to prove that the other driver was indeed negligent. Moreover, you’ll need to act at once after a car crash with injuries, meaning that you’ll need to speak with an experienced Cedar Hill personal injury attorney at the Weaver Injury Law Firm without delay.


Get legal help immediately after you’ve been injured by a negligent driver. A personal injury lawyer needs to see the evidence while it’s fresh and needs to question the witnesses before memories fade. Moreover, Texas restricts the length of time you have to file a compensation claim after a traffic accident. Texas gives auto accident victims two years to file a claim before the statute of limitations ends your right to take legal action. Don’t wait two years – in fact, if you’ve been injured, don’t wait even one more day. Put an experienced Texas car accident lawyer on your side at once after you’ve been injured by negligence. In Texas, your car accident attorney must submit an administrative claim within ninety days if the driver who injured you was working for the government at the time of the collision.


Serious car accidents and other injurious traffic crashes happen far too often in Texas. At the Weaver Injury Law Firm, an experienced Cedar Hill personal injury lawyer can explain your options and also explain how Texas personal injury law applies to your own case. Schedule an appointment with an experienced Cedar Hill auto accident attorney by calling (469) 336-3000. The Weaver Injury Law Firm represents the victims of negligent drivers in Cedar Hill and across the state. If you’ve been injured, help is here, so do not hesitate to make the call.