We Help Auto Accident Victims! (And Much More)

For victims and their family who have been involved in trucking accidents, car accidents, and other auto accidents, consider the exceptional legal representation of our law firm. If you were seriously injured in a serious crash, the devastating results which ensue for you can become a nightmare. Our primary goal is lessening the coming impact.

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Our offices in Carrollton are situated at the intersection of Josey Ln & I 635. This location in North Dallas and just South of Carrollton with convenient freeway access, right on the frontage/feeder road to the freeway…BUT WE CAN ALSO GLADLY VISIT YOU AT A CONVENIENT LOCATION OF YOUR CHOICE!

You brace for the changes in your life, but we seek as much as possible to shield you from the impact. Often our law firm has valued clients facing serious medical turmoil, and our goal is getting these clients whom we consider to be family to get the best possible medical care and for them to get the additional money the need for covering and making up for their lowered quality of life.Call (972) 810-1300 for help from a knowledgeable, powerful, compassionate member of our team. We offer personalized injury consultations so that you can carefully consider whether you need representation and whether you should hire our firm. We offer phone consults, or you can also discuss your injuries and case details in our office to receive accident advice.

We Can Handle The Insurance Company. We Fight for You!

Our attorneys have consistently squared up with the insurance companies over many, many years. Through these experiences, our attorneys and team members have learned how to make certain the insurance company doesn’t get away with low-balling our accident clients. The people who hire our firm enjoy the reliability of our powerful, trusted case results. And, although we cannot guarantee a specific outcome, and although we cannot guarantee that past performance by our team for clients will guarantee you a similar outcome, we can promise you our commitment. Each unique set of circumstances surrounding an accident means that your case is unique and we will treat your case with the respect it deserves. We will fight to get you the best possible outcome, whether that means getting a settlement fast, or getting the most possible money by going to trial, our goal is to get you what you deserve.

The Secret The Insurance Company Doesn’t Want Out

There are some statistics that we are well aware of due to our involvement in the world of accident and injury law. We make sure insurance representatives don’t low ball clients on settlements. THEY WILL NOT TELL YOU THAT VICTIMS OF ACCIDENTS WHO HIRE ATTORNEYS RECEIVE AN AVERAGE OF 40% HIGHER SETTLEMENTS JUST DUE TO THE FACT THAT ATTORNEYS ARE REPRESENTING THEM. They may act very friendly and compassionate over the phone. They could tell you that you will be taken care of, then they will leave you waiting, wondering whether you should be expecting their call. They often do this as a trick to make victims think that they are going to be receiving money or help from them to go to the doctor right away. Then, if you wait too long after an accident to receive care, these same “friendly” representatives will explain that it is too late and use the fact that you waited to obtain additional medical treatment against you.

Find Out From Weaver Injury Law What Service Can Be Like

Our firm is made up of powerful, yet service oriented attorneys and other team members. Our lawyers, our trained paralegals, and our other injury. Call (972) 810-1300 for your own peace of mind. We seek to go above and beyond what would be considered good customer service. Our exceptional client service begs you not to suffer in a hospital room alone, or to suffer without being able to work. If you feel that the healing process is not going the way you would like due to not being able to get to and from medical treatment appointments, our team will work with you and take you through a process designed to get you the best care possible. Sometimes this involves an attorney’s protection letter, but otherwise you may not need this for your treatment.

Actions to Take After a Car Wreck

If you’re fortunate and you’re reading about this because you’re involved in helping a loved one or a friend with their auto accident, then you may be reading about this in a way that you can use these tips for the future. But most people don’t look forward to an accident, so they wouldn’t benefit from this kind of a list. But below you will find some steps to keep in mind following an accident. Most apply directly to the happenings directly following the accident itself.

Steps After a Car Accident:

  1. Consider Your Medical Needs – Try to avoid sudden movements because this could cause you greater injuries. Of course this would not apply in cases where you are in immediate danger from flames and more.
  2. Look Over Yours and The Other Party’s Vehicle – Conversations are quick to begin after an accident, but you need not jump to quick conversations. You can take this easy and avoid in depth discussions. Instead, spend the time reviewing the scene, looking at your surrounding, checking damage on your vehicle and the other vehicle, and looking for other information that could provide better understanding about what happened.
  3. Obey Police Officer Orders – When police come, you can follow their orders and make sure they have proper information about you and about the other vehicle’s driver and the other driver’s insurance information. Let the officers handle speaking with the other driver and you can take this time to speak with any others who witnessed the crash.
  4. If You Need Medical Attention, Seek It Immediately – For injuries which require obvious medical attention, or in cases where you are being advised to seek medical care, follow these instructions promptly and go to the best medical professionals.
  5. Call An Accident Attorney – A quick phone call to an attorney expert can help you determine whether you have a case and whether you will have the need to hire an attorney. You may not need an attorney, and this can become apparent after speaking and consulting with an attorney who has expertise in this field. The Weaver Injury Law Firm is happen to help you determine whether you should hire us, or whether you should hire any attorney at all for your accident.