It’s holiday time once again in Texas, and in spite of the safety measures taken by parents, toy manufacturers, and the government, every year hazardous toys injure small children. If your child is injured by any toy this season – or at any time in the future – seek medical treatment at once. After obtaining treatment for your child, arrange to speak as quickly as possible about your rights and legal options – which may include a product liability lawsuit – with a trustworthy and experienced Dallas product liability attorney.


When children die while playing with toys, choking is the leading cause of those deaths; choking on a toy kills about one child every five days in the United States. Small children can never be allowed to play with marbles, balloons, tiny plastic balls, or small magnets. Always heed any warning labels that accompany a toy. Strangulation is another leading cause of children’s toy-related fatalities. And it’s not just toys – clothing and other products with strings or cords are also dangerous for children. The “button batteries” and tiny magnets in many modern toys and other items can cause permanent injuries – or death – if a child swallows one. Also avoid older toys made with lead or PVC plastic. The bottom line is that you need to inspect each toy before allowing your child to play with it.

When a recently-purchased toy is responsible for an injury to a child, that child’s parents have the right to pursue a product liability lawsuit against the toy’s manufacturer and/or distributor. When a child is injured by a toy, an experienced product liability lawyer can fight on behalf of families for the full compensation they need and the justice they deserve. If your child is injured while playing with a defective or hazardous toy in the Dallas-Fort Worth region, speak right away to an experienced Dallas product liability attorney.