This is not the first time that we’ve discussed E-cigarettes, but it turns out that they pose more than one hazard. The liquid nicotine cartridges can break, and direct exposure to liquid nicotine can cause nicotine poisoning. Children are particularly at risk; earlier this year, the Minnesota Department of Health issued a “nicotine health advisory” about the risk of nicotine poisoning to children ages five and under. If you or your child become nicotine poisoning victims because of E-cigarettes, contact an experienced Dallas product liability lawyer as quickly as possible. We’ve now learned that nicotine poisoning isn’t the only hazard associated with E-cigarettes. A California woman suffered severe burns in 2013 when her E-cigarette battery blew up and ignited a fire.

Failed to Warn About Known Dangers

According to court records, Jennifer Ries sustained second-degree burns on her legs, buttocks, and hands when she and her husband were in their automobile. When Ms. Ries plugged in the E-cigarette battery to charge it, it exploded, and chemicals fell onto Ms. Ries, her clothes, and the automobile seat. She was awarded $1.9 million dollars in October by a California jury after bringing a product liability lawsuit against the E-cigarette’s distributor, wholesaler, and retailer, who, according to the lawsuit, “failed to warn about known dangers.”

If you can prove that you’ve been injured using E-cigarettes or any other consumer product, Texas law entitles you to full compensation for your medical care and all of your additional injury-related expenses. If you’ve been injured using any consumer item, let an experienced product liability attorney review your case and provide the sound legal advice you need. A good product liability lawyer can determine the facts, question the witnesses, and advocate aggressively for the compensation and justice you deserve. If you’ve been injured by something you purchased, make the call at once and put an experienced Dallas product liability lawyer to work for you.