Trains are a genuinely convenient and practical way to move products and persons, but when there’s a train wreck, a lot of people are usually hurt. A derailment near Los Angeles in February sent 28 people to the hospital. Also in February, a commuter train near New York City crashed into an SUV that was stalled on the tracks, killing the driver and five passengers. If you suffer injuries in a train derailment or train crash in the Dallas-Fort Worth area or anywhere in Texas, you are legally entitled to reimbursement for your medical care and related costs, but you’ll need the help of an experienced Dallas personal injury attorney.

Number of Reasons

Train accidents can happen for a number of reasons: human error and negligence; mechanical defects and faulty parts; poorly maintained railroad tracks; and obstacles like boulders, animals, or vehicles on the tracks. If you’re injured by the negligence of a railroad company, a train operator, or a manufacturer, you have the right to compensation for your medical care, lost wages, and additional expenses. However, to obtain that compensation, you’ll have to fight for it with help from a dedicated and committed Dallas personal injury lawyer. If you’re hurt in any train wreck or derailment in the state of Texas, first seek medical treatment. Then speak as swiftly as you can with an experienced Dallas personal injury attorney.

Train collisions make complicated personal injury cases. An experienced Dallas personal injury attorney can examine records and photographs of the accident, question experts and eyewitnesses, and protect your legal rights while fighting for the compensation you need and deserve. If your train accident injury was disabling or catastrophic – and many train-related injuries are – you’ll need the maximum available compensation and an attorney who knows what it takes to win it for you. After any injury in a train accident, discuss your case at once with an experienced Dallas personal injury attorney.