Never leave a child alone near a body of water. Whether it’s a pool, a lake, or the Gulf of Mexico, that’s the number one rule for swimming safety, which must be your top priority whenever your family enjoys the water. In a worst-case scenario – a child drowns in a pool on public or private property – the parents may be able to file a wrongful death claim. Of course no amount of money could compensate for such a loss, but the negligence that would allow a child to perish in that manner should always be penalized, and a wrongful death claim might prevent a similar tragedy from happening to another child. If you or someone you love is injured – or worse – in a swimming pool accident, discuss your rights and options promptly with an experienced Dallas personal injury attorney.

Know CPR

Parents and anyone who owns a swimming pool should know CPR or take a refresher course; if someone is in danger, CPR can buy valuable minutes until paramedics are on the scene. If you have a residential pool, buy a first-aid kit with CPR instructions and keep it at hand. You also need to install a fence around your pool – at least four feet high to keep out small children. When you’re caring for child who is swimming or playing in the water, don’t be distracted by your cell phone, and don’t drink alcohol either. Just one or two drinks can slow your reactions. If you are a parent, enroll your children for swimming lessons. Many children can learn to swim at age five or earlier.

If you’ve been injured in a pool, discuss a personal injury claim with a good personal injury lawyer. If you lose a loved one in a swimming pool drowning, discuss a wrongful death claim and have an experienced personal injury lawyer look at the details of the case. A good personal injury attorney can fight for justice on your family’s behalf and advocate vigorously for the compensation you need. If you are the survivor of a wrongful death related to a drowning in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, or if you have been injured in a pool because of the owner’s negligence, speak to an experienced Dallas personal injury attorney as quickly as possible.