Police Brutality

Law enforcement officers may use necessary force, but the law imposes reasonable limits on the actions of the police. Verbal and sexual abuse, physical and sexual assault, excessive force, and racial discrimination by police officers are illegal civil rights violations. Most Texas police officers conduct themselves professionally, but police brutality and other civil rights violations sometimes still happen in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and sometimes someone gets hurt. If you are a victim of police brutality, you need a legal advocate as quickly as possible. Discuss any incident of police brutality in the Dallas-Fort Worth area with an experienced Dallas personal injury attorney. You are legally entitled to file a personal injury lawsuit and seek compensation, but it’s imperative to consult first with a Dallas personal injury lawyer.

Police officers are obligated to protect your civil rights – both before and after an arrest and even after a conviction. Most personal injury lawyers have seen the results of police violence, so you can be confident that a Dallas personal injury attorney will listen and investigate your claim. If you file a lawsuit and you prevail, you may be compensated for any medical expenses you incurred and any income you lost, and in the most egregious cases, you may also be awarded punitive damages.

In Texas, the police are immune by law from legal claims of simple negligence. Police officers must engage in intentional, unreasonable conduct that violates someone’s legal rights before any action can be taken. Have you been the victim of police brutality? If you believe that your rights may have been violated by the police in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, or if you are the victim of a beating, an assault, or some other police brutality, you must act immediately. Speak at once with an experienced Dallas personal injury attorney who can fight aggressively on your behalf for the justice you deserve.