If you are a motorcyclist, and you’ve been injured in an accident with a negligent driver in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, consult at once with an experienced Dallas personal injury attorney. Motorcyclists are at great risk. Only three percent of the vehicles registered in the United States are motorcycles, but about 15 percent of all highway fatalities are motorcyclists and their passengers. If you’re injured on a motorcycle in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, don’t admit any fault, sign any documents, or agree to any settlement prior to consulting with a good personal injury attorney.

Motorcyclists can take several steps to protect themselves. The number one safety tip – always wear a helmet. Keep your motorcycle well-maintained, and if you must ride at night, make certain that drivers can’t miss seeing you. Never operate a motorcycle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol – that’s just asking for trouble. Motorcyclists injured by the carelessness of a negligent driver are legally entitled to full compensation for their medical treatment, lost wages, and additional injury-related expenses, but “legally entitled” doesn’t mean that compensation is simply handed to you. You’ll have to prove that you were injured and that the other driver’s negligence is the reason you were injured. Let an experienced Dallas personal injury lawyer help. The right personal injury attorney will safeguard your legal rights and fight aggressively on your behalf for the compensation you need and the justice you deserve.

Immediately after a motorcycle accident, if you are able, take pictures of the accident scene, your injuries, and all of the vehicle damage. Make and retain copies of police reports, medical reports, test results, medical bills, and all other paperwork pertinent to the accident. Most importantly, contact a Dallas personal injury lawyer before even talking to an insurance company. Let your lawyer do the talking instead. Now or in the future, if you are hurt in a motorcycle crash in or near Dallas or Fort Worth, immediately retain an experienced Dallas personal injury attorney to guide you through the personal injury process and to fight for justice on your behalf.