If you are injured in an accident that is another person’s fault – a car crash or any other kind of accident – does it really make good sense to hire an attorney? After all, not every injury or accident means that someone else is at fault. If you injure yourself entirely because of your own negligence, an attorney can’t help you. Some injuries, for example in situations like natural disasters, aren’t anyone’s fault. In a situation where you’ve been injured and you’re not sure what to do or where to turn, discuss your injury – and the accident that caused it – as quickly as possible with an experienced Dallas personal injury lawyer.

Benefits and Costs

When you consult with a personal injury attorney, you may be quite surprised. You’ll get candid, objective advice from a trained professional who routinely handles personal injury claims. You may be told that you don’t need to retain legal counsel. Or you may be told that even though you have a legitimate claim, there’s simply no way to prove it. In cases where you genuinely need an attorney’s services, pursuing a lawsuit or not pursuing it is still your decision, and you’ll need to weigh for yourself the benefits and costs of your choice. A good personal injury lawyer can explain those benefits and costs, explain how the law applies in your case, and develop an aggressive legal strategy on your behalf.

If you are injured by another person’s negligence in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, speak first with a personal injury lawyer before accepting a settlement or making any other decision. Without an attorney, you’ll probably be offered an insurance settlement for an amount that is far less than your case is actually worth. Simply hiring an attorney is sometimes enough to compel an insurance company to make you a fair offer. If you’ve been injured, it may or may not be in your best interests to file a personal injury claim, but you won’t know until you’ve consulted with an experienced Dallas personal injury lawyer. After any injury caused by negligence in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, make the call as quickly as possible.