“PLEASE DO NOT EAT HERE!” That’s what one Yelp reviewer pleaded in all capital letters in October when four of her family members were hospitalized with food poisoning after eating at Mariscos San Juan #3 seafood restaurant in San Jose. According to KGO-TV, the number of suspected food poisoning cases tied to the restaurant quickly passed 180. In the Dallas-Fort Worth area, if you become a food poisoning victim, discuss your legal rights and options immediately with an experienced Dallas product liability attorney.

Shigella Outbreak

Shigella is a potentially deadly bacteria that is one of the leading causes of diarrhea. Around the world, shigella results in about a million annual fatalities, predominantly children without access to health care in third world nations. When a shigella outbreak poisoned dozens in California in October, details were immediately made available to millions through the website Yelp.com. Yelp attracts 135 million visitors each month – mostly people looking for a good dining establishment. In other words, Yelp was able to provide timely information precisely to those who needed it most. Some public health professionals think that consumers on sites like Yelp may help them respond more quickly and effectively to future food poisoning incidents.

If you suffer food poisoning in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, after seeking medical attention, speak at once with an experienced Dallas product liability attorney. If you suffered food poisoning because another party was negligent, and if you and your attorney can prove it, you are entitled under Texas law to complete compensation for all of your medical expenses, for any days lost from work, and for all of your other injury-related costs and losses. However, you must act immediately in a food poisoning case. Keep a sample of the food that poisoned you or have a lab test conducted that shows you ate contaminated food. Call an experienced Dallas product liability attorney as soon as you can after any food poisoning incident. When you are injured by another person’s negligence in Texas, compensation is your right, but you must make the call promptly.