Many product-related injuries can be severe, long-term, and even permanent, disabling injuries. Some of these injuries are fatal. Most of us are quite cautious when we use power tools and electrical devices, drive cars and trucks, and take prescribed pharmaceutical drugs – these items are clearly dangerous. If you are injured in the Dallas-Fort Worth area while using any consumer product, seek medical treatment at once, and then consult with an experienced Dallas product liability lawyer.

Legal Rights and Options

One source of injuries that gets little attention is the cheap, disposable cigarette lighter. About a billion – yes, billion – are sold or given away with cigarettes every year in this country. Most are manufactured in China and do not adhere to the voluntary standards established by U.S.-based manufacturers. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) says that lighter explosions hurt about a thousand people a year in the U.S. In the Dallas-Fort Worth area, if you’re injured by a defective cigarette lighter, speak at once with an experienced Dallas product liability lawyer to discuss your legal rights and options.

William Clemmer, a machinist in Stephenville, southwest of Dallas and Fort Worth, died in 2008 when a disposable lighter blew up in his pocket. Many imported lighters have a defect that fails to shut off the flame after the lighter is closed. Cigarette lighter manufacturers in the U.S. adhere to voluntary safety standards, so lighters produced domestically are statistically less risky, but any lighter can pose a risk. Burn injury patients sometimes spend years rebuilding their lives. If you’re injured by an exploding lighter, you may need substantial compensation for your medical care, lost income, long-term rehabilitation, and all of your other injury-related expenses. If you are injured anywhere in the Dallas-Fort Worth area by an exploding cigarette lighter, now or in the future, put your case as quickly as possible in the hands of an experienced Dallas product liability lawyer.