Food Poisoning

The Dallas-Fort Worth area is the site of thousands of restaurants, retail grocers, caterers, convenience stores, and other food providers. With that much food being prepared, sold, and served, food poisoning is bound to happen. If you become a food poisoning victim, knowledge is critical. Food poisoning symptoms may include fever, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, and abdominal distress. You could experience food poisoning symptoms immediately, hours later, or even days after eating tainted food. Seek medical attention at once if a fever persists, or if you have difficulty speaking, swallowing, or seeing, or if you have blood in the stool. After you’ve received medical treatment, consult right away with an experienced Dallas product liability lawyer. If you’ve been injured by food poisoning, you may file a lawsuit against a food retailer or manufacturer just as you might file a claim if you’re injured in a car wreck by a negligent driver.

If you pursue a product liability claim after a food poisoning incident, it can be a challenge. You have to prove two premises: that the food was contaminated, and that the contamination injured you. Of course, food spoils quickly, so you must seek immediate medical treatment if you’ve had contaminated food. When the food itself is no longer available, you must have the results of a lab test proving that a virus, bacteria, parasite, or poison was present. Food can become tainted anywhere in the processing-production-packaging process, during distribution to retailers, while being stored, and even while being prepared. If you suffer food poisoning, your attorney will investigate every link in that chain to find the negligent party and hold that party accountable.

A knowledgeable product liability lawyer can review your claim, offer sound legal advice, and advocate aggressively for the reimbursement you require. If you can prove your food poisoning claim, you can be reimbursed for your medical treatment, lost wages, and your related expenses. If you are injured by food poisoning now or in the future in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, contact an experienced Dallas product liability lawyer without delay.