The Consumer Product Safety Commission tells us that approximately 140,000 electrical fires every year result in thousands of injuries and fatalities. Another 400 to 500 people die in the U.S. each year by electrocution. Electrical accidents – mostly wiring accidents – cause not only electrocutions but also thermal burns, cardiac arrest, and other nerve, muscle, and tissue damage. Electricity is everywhere, and we tend to take it for granted, so an electrical accident can happen to anyone. If you are injured by electricity because someone else was negligent – a builder, an electrician, a contractor, a property owner or electric company, or the manufacturer of a defective electrical product – speak at once with an experienced Dallas personal injury attorney. If you’re injured in Texas because someone else was negligent, you are entitled by law to full compensation for your injury-related expenses, but you’ll need the help of an experienced personal injury attorney.

Most Common Electrical Injuries

The most common electrical injuries are caused by defective wiring, high voltage power lines, and defective electrical appliances. Damaged or exposed electrical wiring causes about one in every five electrocution deaths. Be extremely careful around power lines, and be careful digging or excavating when those lines are buried. Be aware that every electrical appliance is potentially dangerous. In winter, be extremely cautious using portable space heaters.

Electricity is a powerful, hard-to-control force of nature. Sometimes an electrical injury or an electrocution is genuinely just a freak accident, or someone is injured despite taking all of the recommended safety precautions. More frequently, however, electrical accidents are the result of human negligence. In Texas, when human negligence directly results in injury or death, the negligent party can be held accountable for medical treatment, lost wages, and all other injury-related expenses. If you are injured now or in the future in any electrical accident in the Dallas-Fort Worth area because someone else was negligent, get legal help by taking your case at once to an experienced Dallas personal injury attorney.