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The Hazard In Your Pocket

Many product-related injuries can be severe, long-term, and even permanent, disabling injuries. Some of these injuries are fatal. Most of us are quite cautious when we use power tools and electrical devices, drive cars and trucks, and take prescribed pharmaceutical drugs – these items are clearly dangerous. If you are injured in the Dallas-Fort Worth […]

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Bicycles – Not Just For Kids

More adults than ever are bicycling. It’s delightful recreation, good for your health, and thrifty transportation. For all of its benefits, of course, bicycle riding can also have a tragic downside. With increasing frequency, according to the latest research, adults over the age of 45 are being seriously injured in bicycle collisions. If you’re injured […]

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Truck Accidents And Your Rights

If a car the size of your own car hits you in a head-on collision, you and the other driver are both likely to be injured. But if a large commercial truck collides with your car, small truck, or SUV at the same speed, because of the truck’s mass and momentum, you’re almost certain to […]

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Protect Yourself As A Pedestrian

Distracted Walking
It seems that drivers everywhere are distracted by scores of diversions. The dangers of distracted walking get less attention, but they’re just as real and just as dangerous as the dangers of distracted driving. About sixty percent of us, according to one insurance company survey, are distracted when we’re pedestrians. Many of us talk, […]

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Determining Fault In Motorcycle Accidents

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, 4,957 motorcyclists became motorcycle accident fatalities in 2012, a seven percent increase over 2011. However, proving who’s responsible for a motorcycle collision can often be quite a challenge. Motorcycle crashes often provide little evidence regarding their cause, and the testimony of witnesses is rarely conclusive. If you’re injured […]

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Without Lawyers, Where Would We Be Now?

Would the world really be better if we didn’t have lawyers?
Some think so, but history tells us those people are wrong. In societies without lawyers, disagreements result in blood feuds, gang wars, and revenge killings. With no legal consequences for wrongdoing, no one would be safe. Lawyers, working with law enforcement officers and judges, are […]

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Loose Lips Still Sink Ships

Experienced Dallas personal injury attorney
Most personal injury claims are settled out-of-court. In fact, more than nine out of ten personal injury cases never reach a courtroom. If you are injured in an accident caused by another person’s negligence and you choose to pursue a personal injury claim, your case will probably be settled by lawyers […]

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Brain Injuries Are Costly

Entitled by Law
The Brain Injury Association of America (BIAA) estimates than more than 2.4 million people sustain a traumatic brain injury (TBI) every year in the United States. More than 17 percent of those injuries are sustained in traffic accidents. With outpatient therapy costing up to $1,000 a day and hospital-based rehabilitation costing up to […]

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Train Wrecks, Injuries, And You

Trains are a genuinely convenient and practical way to move products and persons, but when there’s a train wreck, a lot of people are usually hurt. A derailment near Los Angeles in February sent 28 people to the hospital. Also in February, a commuter train near New York City crashed into an SUV that was […]

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Motorcycle Accidents And Your Rights

If you are a motorcyclist, and you’ve been injured in an accident with a negligent driver in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, consult at once with an experienced Dallas personal injury attorney. Motorcyclists are at great risk. Only three percent of the vehicles registered in the United States are motorcycles, but about 15 percent of all […]

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