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For Victims of Car Accidents & More! You can visit our office location off Preston Rd & Loop 12. See address below.

For people who have been seriously injured in a car accident, truck accident, or other auto accident, devastating results often ensue, and it is our goal to lessen the impact. Often we have our valued clients visit us during time of turmoil, but it is our serious goal to get these beloved clients best medical care for their injuries and additional money to cover their diminished quality of life when this is the case.

Our Accident & Injury Location Off Preston & Loop 12

Weaver Injury Law Firm
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This office is conveniently located in University Park close to the intersection of Dallas North Tollway and Loop 12.


Call (214) 326-0000 to talk with one of our knowledgeable, compassionate, and powerful team members to arrange for your personalized consultation and in order to consider representation with accident and injury law firm.
You can sit down or speak over the phone with one of our trusted attorneys to discuss personalized accident advice regarding how you should deal with getting compensated for your injuries due to negligence in auto accidents, truck accidents, or the most serious of wrongful death cases.
We are situated north of Uptown and University Park in Dallas. Find us at the cross streets off of Preston Rd and Loop 12. Conveniently located within 10 minutes of Medical City Dallas hospital and within 10 minutes from Parkland Hospital and UT Southwestern medical center of Dallas.

We Know Insurance Companies. We Make Them Pay!

Because our lawyers have squared up against the lawyers at insurance companies for so many years, we have learned the effective legal strategies for making sure we do not let them walk all over our clients. We have been helping injury clients for more than 30 years. Our clients enjoy the comfort of relying on our trusted and powerful results. While we cannot promise or guarantee a particular outcome due to the unique circumstances involved in each and every case, you will find that the outcomes we seek will most commonly greatly surpass typical settlements by those who have had similar accidents and who handled their case without the aid of an attorney.

What the Insurance Companies Don’t Want You to Know

We seek the opportunity of earning your trust and in this process, we will make sure that insurance company representatives do not low ball you and offer you well below your fair settlement. These insurance companies DO NOT WANT YOU TO KNOW THAT YOU WILL RECEIVE 40% MORE ON AVERAGE WHEN THEY HAVE ATTORNEY REPRESENTATION. Not only that, but the money which is allocated by insurance companies to pay out victims for bodily injury claims go to those victims who hire clients to the tune of more than 84%. What this translates into is this: For every $100,000 paid out to victims for bodily injury claims, $85,000 of that goes to those who have attorneys, while just $15,000 goes to those who are not represented by an accident law firm. Insurance company representatives often act overly nice when speaking with you over the phone, and they do this in the hopes that they can lull you into a believing that they are acting in your best interests. In fact this is not the case, because their actual job description involves minimizing costs for injury claims.

Weaver Injury Law: Powerful, Compassionate Representation

Our law firm comprises a powerful group of attorneys, trained paralegals along with other accident and injury consultants who genuinely care about our clients. We seek to earn your trust in going to bat on your behalf.

Not every case is the same, and often we can settle cases for you without a trial. We seek a good, timely outcome without requiring a lawsuit but even though we often get these results for our clients in a more timely fashion, we are still prepared for trial if needed. Trials take more time and if this is required, the insurance company law firms realize that our firm means business because we have a reputation of going to trial when needed.
If the insurance company offers you a settlement which is not enough, we will take the lawsuit forward after consulting with you. If you accept an offer which we feel is fair, we will work with you to get that settlement in your pocket ASAP. But as aforementioned, our attorneys are prepared for trial which is in direct contrast to many accident law firms who outsource litigation to others law firms.
Free Injury Consultations, Find out How Much Your Case Is Worth

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Don’t suffer in silence at home, in the hospital, or elsewhere. If you aren’t able to work or feel that your healing is not progressing because you cannot make it to hospital appointments or to receive medical care and treatment, our team of compassionate attorneys and staff will walk you through the process of getting the best possible care, often under a letter of protection whereby we help the medical professionals understand the nature of your case such that they will provide the care without requiring you to pay out of pocket.

If You Have Been Injured, Consider These Actions

If you’re like most people who have driven the roads and seen accidents, you likely have not taken too much time to consider what you would do if you were to get in an accident. But there are a handful of tips for you to keep in mind after a car accident. And if you are involved in an accident with an 18-wheeler, then additional, more rigorous steps should be taken to protect yourself from the efforts by insurance companies and trucking companies.

Consider these steps:

  1. Take Stock of Your Medical Situation – If you have been injured, do not make sudden movements unless your immediate safety is a concern such as from a burning vehicle. It is likely that help will arrive soon, but do not make sudden movements
  2. Take Note of Other Driver’s Vehicle – You may quickly begin talking to the driver or other parties in the other vehicle. It is wise to refrain from admitting fault. You can ask them questions, but if they start asking you questions, you may want to consider suggesting that you wait till the police arrive. You may consider snapping photos of the other vehicle, your vehicle, and include a photograph of the license plate of the other car.
  3. Obey Officer Instructions – When the police arrive–which they should–obey their instructions and be certain that they have gotten the proper information from you and the other driver. If you have a chance to speak with other drivers, or witnesses, you may want to spend some time talking to them and taking notes about what they witnessed and get their take on the events and how they transpired.
  4. Get Emergency Medical Care – If you need medical care or if others advise that you should get medical care then you should follow their instructions and get emergency care from qualified medical professionals. Additionally, you will want to keep in mind that if you are not injured, that is good! Hopefully you do not need medical care, but if you do, then you should get the care immediately because time is of the essence with regards to getting medical care.
  5. Call An Injury Attorney – It can be vital to speak with an attorney to preserve your rights. It is certainly not always important to hire an attorney after an auto accident; however, it can be important to hire an attorney if you have been injured due to the fact that insurance companies attempt to fight you the most on injury bills.