Allen Personal Injury LawyerIf you have been injured by another person’s negligence, and you want to do everything you can to ensure that your personal injury claim prevails, you’ll need to be represented by a successful and experienced Texas personal injury attorney. Contact an experienced Allen personal injury lawyer at the Weaver Injury Law Firm. Most personal injury claims are settled through out-of-court negotiations, but if a fair settlement is not offered, we will ask a jury of your peers to award you the maximum possible compensation. The personal injury attorneys at the Weaver Injury Law Firm are aggressively dedicated to fighting for the rights of personal injury victims in Allen and throughout the state of Texas.


If you are injured by someone else’s negligence, you have the right under Texas personal injury law to complete compensation for all of your medical care, lost income, and all related expenses. If your injury is a catastrophic or disabling injury, a personal injury lawyer will seek compensation sufficient to cover therapy and rehabilitation for as long as you need it, even for life. A personal injury attorney with the Weaver Injury Law Firm can represent you in accident claims arising from:

  • Construction accidents
  • Car accidents
  • Product liability
  • Trucking accidents
  • Nursing home abuse


While no result can ever be promised or guaranteed in a personal injury case, an injury lawyer with the Weaver Injury Law Firm will work aggressively in your best interests and in the interests of justice. Do not wait. A statute of limitations restricts the amount of time you have to take legal action. If you have been injured by negligence in or near Allen, call (469) 606-3000 right away and speak with an experienced Allen personal injury attorney at the Weaver Injury Law Firm. Help is here for those injured by negligence, but you must take the first step and make the call.