Car Accidents in Allen

Personal injury lawyers are not all the same. Experience differs greatly in how a law firm handles auto accident cases. And the differences are even more distinct when you consider how a firm handles commercial or other truck and 18 wheeler accidents. This is because of the intense nature of these type of injury lawsuits because much more is at stake for the trucking companies and their insurance. Our Allen law office is located at:

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Additionally, we have more than 30 offices throughout the entire DFW area. When you hire Weaver Injury Law Firm, you will be hiring a law firm with the experience, results, and power to see the lawsuits through to completion for your best possible outcome. Founded by attorney Richard Weaver who has nearly 30 years experience getting results for his clients, you can trust the Weaver Injury Law Firm in Allen and through the DFW metroplex to help with your accident case.

We have successfully helped victims in nearly all types of serious truck, car, and other accident cases imaginable. Whether you have been involved in a rear end car accident, a head-on truck accident, or motorcycle accident, our firm is prepared to help. Other cases which we help with include cases where you have been hit by a car as a pedestrian, on a bicycle, or in serious drunk driving accidents. We specifically handle serious accidents. These cases can be more complex but are not always more complex even if they are more serious accidents.

We also lead the path with cutting edge technology through video, animation, and other software used for accident reconstruction. We use these graphics and other technology to support and strength your bodily injury claim when it becomes necessary for a jury to understand the strength of your claim against an insurance company that is fighting their responsibility to pay what you deserve. But when our law firm uses this advanced technology on the cutting edge, this is just one way in which we stand out among law firms because it is just one of many methods we use as we help our clients get the best outcomes possible for their claims. These things can help the jury understand the clear the responsibility of the defendant and their insurance company in a lawsuit. The make it more certain that our car accident and trucking accident claims shine through as true and accurate in a powerful way to the jury.

Representing Clients for 3 Decades

Motor vehicle accidents remain an unfortunate leading cause of death and serious injury in Texas. Serious trucking and other auto accidents result in serious injuries. Some serious auto accident cases result in broken bones, fractures, and on the more serious side–lumbar surgery, or cervical, or thoracic spine surgery.These are the terms often used in the medical field to describe serious neck and back injury surgery after an auto accident.

Yet more serious injuries could need even more intense surgeries. These injuries stem from pedestrian and motorcycle accidents when the injured party is less protected, or from high speed accidents and drunk driving accidents where the impact can be more severe. Additionally, 18-wheeler and other large commercial vehicle accidents provide severe and even catastrophic injuries such as traumatic brain injury, spinal injuries, paralysis, and in the worst cases–even death. At the Weaver Law Firm, we have experience helping victims of catastrophic injuries and wrongful death which pull at even the most hardened of heart strings. In these horrible accidents, we realize that our clients have to dig deep and often turn to much prayer for the light of faith to shine on them and carry them through tragic times. We have seen our clients go through these times and have cried alongside them and have been amazed at our clients’ resilience and optimism. We find great fulfillment in standing alongside and seeking to truly help our clients through these extremely difficult times that come with serious accidents.

How We Do It Differently

In every accident and injury case, our law firm quickly seeks to determine the parties who are responsible and liable to cover damages, such as the other driver and their insurance company. When considering truck accident cases, many more parties become involved due to the complexity of these cases. Liability is held by the freight company if they allowed the driver to driver longer and hence become more fatigued then they should have been, the people who prepared or loaded the truck if they prepared the loan in an unbalanced and dangerous way, also the insurance company of course, the driver who caused the accident by his or her negligence, inspectors if they failed in catching serious safety violations, and even others.

We do not stop at a single liable party, but rather explore all of the potential liability theories to uncover each potential liable party. Our law firm quickly investigates the case facts and follows up in the research of laws that apply in each of these theories. We work alongside police and other regulators in cases of drunk driving and other safety violation situations in trucking and drunk driving where potentially criminal acts have been uncovered.

Our persistence is very clear in cases like these and it bears out in the results obtained for clients. Furthermore, after an accident, you could find yourself inundated by medical collectors as well as insurance companies who are seeking to quickly settle your claim to lessen their liability. When and if you decide to hire us, we will quickly move in and take over all these details. Insurance representatives contact victims very often with the intention of discussing the accident and facts as much as possible–even seeking to get recorded statements from victims. WE STRONGLY ADVISE AGAINST TALKING TO INSURANCE before speaking with a trained attorney. Remember, insurance companies are not your friend, especially the insurance company of the other driver.

Our DFW and Allen Accident Law Firm Deals With the Following Types of Cases:

  • 18 wheeler auto accidents
  • Rear Ending Accidents
  • Failure to Yield Accidents
  • Jack-knife trucking accidents
  • Side Impact Auto Accidents
  • Distracted Driver Trucking Accidents
  • Drunk Driving Accidents
  • Trucking Accidents which Resulted in Brain Injury
  • Head-on Accidents
  • DWI Auto Accidents
  • Improperly Maintained Vehicle Trucking Accidents
  • Driver Fatigue Truck Accidents
  • Improper Reflector Truck Accidents
  • Commercial Trucking Accidents
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Commercial Vehicle Accidents
  • Bicycle Accidents
  • Taxi Cab Crashes
  • Roll-over Accidents
  • Accidents which Resulted in Death
  • Pedestrian Accidents
  • Accidents which Caused Paralysis
  • And more

Serious Accident? Don’t Try Handling this Yourself

Setting aside minor fender benders, complicated cases that result from serious bodily injury accidents cause insurance companies to bring in their high power lawyers to attempt not to pay you what you deserve. If you don’t have an attorney to represent you, you will find that they will drag out your case or try to walk all over you or try to lull you into a situation where you feel that they are going to help you but they are really just trying to run out the clock in order to avoid paying you what you deserve. If the other driver acts dishonestly, the case becomes yet more complicated and the insurance representatives may sound nice intentionally to make you believe that they will resolve your injuries at full value medical for your bodily injury claim. These insurance companies are fully aware that victims who hire a law firm versus those who do not receive an average of 40% more for claims involving bodily injury.

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