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Not all personal injury attorneys have the same experience handling auto accident and truck and commercial vehicle collisions. Our founding attorney has 30 years legal results for clients. Visit any of our 30 offices across the DFW Metroplex, or our office in Addison located at:

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The Weaver Injury Law Firm has successfully helped injured passengers and drivers in nearly every serious car, truck and other auto accident scenario imaginable. Whether it is a head-on crash, rear end car accident, or motorcycle crash, our law firm can help. Particularly problematic are accidents caused by drunk driving or pedestrian accidents. Also accidents where cyclists are hit while riding their bicycle involve serious accident claims. We handle complex and serious auto accident lawsuits which involve insurance disputes regarding coverage or product liability lawsuits involving defective product design by the auto manufacturer.

We are also leading the way at the front end of technology animated, video, software for accident reconstruction as well as computer graphics used to bolster your case. Our law firm’s adoption of advanced technology stands out as just one of many methods which we bring into play to help our clients obtain successful outcomes for their accident claims. Whether it is for a serious car accident lawsuit that needs to be able to show the jury the culpability of the other driver, or other trucking accidents or serious motor vehicle crash claims, our message shines through in an effective, powerful way.

Representing DFW Clients for 30 Years

Auto accidents are a leading cause of accident and injury and also death in Texas. These serious car and trucking accidents can cause complex injuries of many kinds along with serious medical conditions that can be ongoing. Some of the common auto accident injuries include bone fractures, broken bones, with more serious auto injuries being those involving necessary surgical repair of the lumbar, cervical, or thoracic spine (the more common non-medical terms for these injuries are referred to as neck and back injuries.)

The injuries which rise into more serious territory could require surgery, coming from such accidents as high speed crashes, pedestrian accidents, motorcycle accidents, or drunk driving cases. 18-wheeler accidents can be extremely severe along with the other high speed collisions as these kinds of accidents can result in catastrophic injuries like closed head injury, traumatic brain injury, spinal injury, paralysis, or in those most unfortunate of cases–wrongful death. Through the years, our law firm has seen many injury cases that tug at the heart strings and really weigh you down. However, light often shines through on these tragedies as we witness the faith and resilience of our clients. Helping our clients obtain justice is very fulfilling for us as we help them overcome these injuries and suffering as best as they possibly can.

How Weaver Injury Law Firm Does It

In each of our injury lawsuits, our firm works quickly to determine the responsible parties. In serious trucking accidents, there are many parties that have liability, such as the trucking company itself, their insurance company, the folks who loaded the truck, the driver, the inspectors who may have failed to catch safety violations, or other parties. We explore each potential theory of liability in order to uncover every source of potential financial responsibility. At the Weaver Injury Law Firm, our team quickly gets to work investigating the facts of the case and follows up with the applicable research of the laws involved in the case. Our team members work alongside law enforcement as well as with other government offices when approaching drunk driving cases or other situations where our clients have been injured by criminal acts caused by third parties.

Following an accident the victims can find themselves inundated by letters from medical bill collectors and insurance companies. If you hire our firm, we quickly take over dealing with all of this so that you will not have to. Insurance company representatives also commonly contact the victims so that they can discuss case facts. They often do this in order to obtain a recorded statement about the accident. We advise our clients to talk with a qualified attorney before making any kind of statement or speaking with an insurance company at all. These insurance companies work for the negligent party and are not looking out for your interests, but quite the opposite.

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