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At Allbee & Weaver, our clients have long valued our experience in handling serious injury accident and injury lawsuit claims, challenging insurance companies and negligent drivers such as operators of commercial vehicles and large truck accidents, and important personal injury and accident litigation. Since our founding, we have represented victims in some of the most significant serious accidents in the state of Texas, including Dallas, Houston, Fort Worth, Plano, Arlington, Austin, Waco, McKinney, Garland, and more. Our additional practice of bankruptcy law operates separately, assisting homeowners in stopping foreclosure, suing banks for wrongful foreclosures, and obtaining judgments and verdicts on behalf of clients to assist them in living the best life possible. Protect your home from foreclosure with powerful foreclosure defense through a repayment plan under the guidance of a dallas bankruptcy attorney.

To better serve our clients, DLALaw has grown and expanded as our clients have requested our legal assistance. With offices in Dallas, Plano, Arlington, Fort Worth, Garland, Houston, Waco, Austin, San Antonio, as well as locations throughout the country to assist clients with their injuries, we have developed robust practices in wrongful death, large truck accident litigation, serious personal injury, bankruptcy, as well as in specifically foreclosure prevention, bad drug lawsuits, defective product suits, wrongful foreclosure, slip and fall litigation, and numerous other areas.

Above all, Allbee Weaver is committed to fighting for the legal rights to financial compensation and the best possible life for our clients and providing them with superior legal counsel.

Consider the following points when you are seeking excellent counsel, with considerations varying depending on your needs. For example, if you were seeking to retain an attorney to save your home from foreclosure by use of the bankruptcy code, a chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney would be your best option. Hiring an attorney with powerful experience in the field of personal injury would not necessary help you achieve your goal in this instance. On the other hand, if you are hiring a bankruptcy attorney who focuses her or his practice of law almost exclusively on the prevention of foreclosure actions using the bankruptcy code, then you would likely obtain an outcome much more positively suited to your situation.

When you hire a serious injury attorney, here are some elements to consider reviewing with your attorney:
  • Our law firm has extensive experience handling serious injury and accident cases.
  • is a powerful resource for information regarding how to fight insurance companies to receive the best possible financial outcome.
  • Truck Accidents and other serious injuries related to heave equipment vehicles like semi trucks, commercial vehicles, and more.
  • When hiring a wrongful death attorney, many factors come into play, such as successful verdicts for plaintiffs and making sure the family is taken care of financially.
  • Our law firm holds prestigious designations that comes from decades of caring, powerful legal service and experience on behalf of clients in Texas.
  • With our law firm, you will pay nothing out of pocket for injury lawsuits until we collect from the liable party or insurance companies. We only win when you win!
  • Although bankruptcy is not a magic wand that makes your problems disappear, it is a powerful protection against foreclosure and to help you get your financial house in order.