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For those who have been injured in a serious accident, the effects can quickly become part of every aspect in your life. Not only is your physical health affected, but also your financial life. Also affected are your ability for earning a living, and your happiness with your own fulfillment and the life and happiness of your family. If an injury has been caused at the hand of another’s negligence, or if a business such as a trucking company is at fault, you may pursue financial compensation under the direction and representation of the powerful attorneys at the Law Offices of Rick Weaver, personal injury lawyers in Dallas. It is common at many personal injury firms to shuffle injury cases from a case manager and then on to another numerous times. At the law offices of Rick Weaver, each case including yours will be personally handled with the help of a lawyer from beginning to finish. Throughout this process, we keep our clients updated regarding case progress and are available constantly for questions and to help with things that you need.

If you call the offices of Rick Weaver regarding your serious accident, our main and also our first priority revolves around getting you to see a doctor and other medical professionals such as chiropractors ASAP, typically the first day.

We do not collect if we do not obtain money for you in your case. Because every personal injury case is taken by contingency, you will not be required to pay anything out-of-pocket up front. We do not get paid anything till your injury case is completed successfully. At our law firm, our team is assembled with dedicated, thoughtful, compassionate, yet powerful legal professionals offering genuine concern for our clients whom we represent. Choose wisely, call our law firm today and find out why this is the correct decision for your family and your future. Call us today or contact us via our web-form on our site to talk with experienced Dallas personal injury attorneys.

Care & Compassion for You and All of Our Clients

We are a personal injury firm which focuses on injuries and accidents. We continually strive for excellence as great attorneys. Don’t add more stress to this situation! We know that you have already suffered enough trauma. You have been through enough and now we want to be your ally at your side to help you navigate the road forward. Remember — our attorneys work for you. It is not the other way around as you would experience at some other law firms. Because we operate on contingency, we only accept cases about which we believe strongly. We bear 100% of costs for the injury case until you have successful been delivered a settlement or verdict for your injury compensation.

We Take And Handle Excellently the Following Types of Cases:

  • Car Accidents: If you have received serious injuries in an auto accident, truck wreck or motorcycle crash in Dallas, the greater DFW area, or anywhere in Texas, you need skilled legal representation by attorneys with experience assisting thousands of people recover countless millions in compensation for their injuries.
  • Wrongful Death: When loved ones die, family members or friends face incredible pain and loss as they must move on without them. If the death has been caused by intentional harm or negligence, family members could be entitled as survivors to compensation as well as financial awards to handle the loss of future earnings.
  • Defective Products: Sometimes products are rushed to market without proper research, development and engineering. When this happens, people can be seriously injured when using the product responsibly. Call us today and discuss your product liability case with us.
  • Medical Malpractice: For situations where a family member or you have been victims of negligent medical care or a failure to properly diagnose a condition, our law firm can help. We are all grateful for the medical care offered by doctors and nurses, but when the errors are egregious, have caused serious injuries or even death, there are laws for holding responsible parties accountable.
  • Nursing Home and Elderly Abuse: If your parent or other loved one has been entrusted to care by qualified professionals at a nursing home or other facility, it is devastating to find out that this trust has been violated by those who were entrusted to care for them. When they betray your trust and abuse the elderly, we must address the situation immediately to successfully stop the abuse and intervene on your behalf for your loved one.
  • Bicycle Accidents: Drivers are routinely at fault for bike accident injuries because a large number of them do not watch for bikes. Sometimes the cyclists cannot see a car or other vehicle coming up behind, and end up being hit or side-swiped. Cyclists hold a number of the same rights which other vehicles have, and an experienced lawyer to protect the rights which you may have to compensation for injuries.
  • Slip and Fall: Injuries related to premises liability are often found within the "slip & fall" category, but these refer to cases where someone has received injury on private or public property.
  • Construction Site Accidents: Many types of construction injuries are caused by accidents which involve serious falls at heights or from off of scaffolding. Other injuries are caused by falling debris, electrocutions, or trip/slip & fall, overexertion, or machinery accidents. Our attorneys have accomplished significant and substantial results in the field of construction related accidents and work injuries. Call for more information.
  • Workers' Compensation Accidents: When you have received injuries while on the job with the subsequent recovery and downtime, you need help from an experience law firm to help you handle your claim, your appeal and/or your third-party claim. Call the attorneys of Rick Weaver & Associates.
  • Other types of personal injuries: Many types of cases for injury are found within the umbrella of general "personal injury" and can include the following types: amusement park injuries, machinery failures or malfunction, defective products, boating injuries, railway accidents, and airplane accidents, major burn injuries, etc. Regardless of the circumstances, an experienced attorney by your side can make all the difference when it comes to receiving the appropriate and maximum compensation for injuries.

Following an injury, an immense amount of information is required by you and the events unfold quickly as you are faced with handling police reports, dealing with insurance companies, as well as handling the important care at hospitals and at other medical offices. Unfortunately, there are also sometimes the most devastating of details to be handled in the form of funeral arrangements with the possibility of probate court for handling of an estate left by the victim who has died. As Dallas accident attorneys, we realize that you will need help to handle all the questions which you have. These and many other difficult issues are around the corner and will put your finances, your emotions, and your capacity to the max, but you do not need to handle these issues alone. We can be by your side to help you through these difficult times.

Accident Attorney in Dallas

If you have been seriously injured in an auto accident in Dallas, you could be eligible to receive a compensatory award or settlement on top of the compensation for property damage. These compensatory awards can cover more than loss of wages and medical bills and can be substantial and for this reason it is important to hire experienced counsel. You might be dealing with an award that should be $1,000,000 and yet if you hire the wrong counsel, you could end up with half that. While you are finding a seasoned accident lawyer in Dallas, you’ll realize quickly that countless injury attorneys claim to have "the best experience", yet we welcome you to request information about their experience. Then compare theirs to ours. While some victims of accident injuries do not want a fight in court, the only reasonable option could be taking the case to court to get your damages taken care of both today and for your rights to be protected for your future. Many clients are not aware of all kinds of potential lingering issues and injuries which can come from car accident damages.

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We serve courts throughout Northern Texas and have the ability to meet you wherever is required, whether at your hospital or home if you cannot meet us in one of our 27 DFW office locations. We work hard to be convenient for our clients and while we do not own all of these locations, we make them available as satellite offices for those looking to meet in a professional atmosphere. Call us today or visit our Injury Case Inquiry page to learn more about your rights and to receive a quick and caring callback from a member of our team.

Call (214) 238-9000 to speak to our Dallas personal injury attorneys immediately. You can call from the accident scene, your home, the hospital, or wherever you are and at whatever the hour and you will find that we will be glad to help you. We are honored when clients entrust us with their case and we work hard to make sure that we do not let them down but surpass their expectations for client service wherever possible. We serve all cities in the DFW Metroplex and all major cities throughout Texas, including Dallas, Plano, Irving, Fort Worth, Denton, Arlington, Garland, McKinney, and more. Additionally, throughout the state of Texas we have satellite offices in Houston, Austin, San Antonio, El Paso, and more.

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At Allbee & Weaver, our clients have long valued our experience in handling serious injury accident and injury lawsuit claims, challenging insurance companies and negligent drivers such as operators of commercial vehicles and large truck accidents, and important personal injury and accident litigation. Since our founding, we have represented victims in some of the most significant serious accidents in the state of Texas, including Dallas, Houston, Fort Worth, Plano, Arlington, Austin, Waco, McKinney, Garland, and more. Our additional practice of bankruptcy law operates separately, assisting homeowners in stopping foreclosure, suing banks for wrongful foreclosures, and obtaining judgments and verdicts on behalf of clients to assist them in living the best life possible. Protect your home from foreclosure with powerful foreclosure defense through a repayment plan under the guidance of a dallas bankruptcy attorney.

To better serve our clients, DLALaw has grown and expanded as our clients have requested our legal assistance. With offices in Dallas, Plano, Arlington, Fort Worth, Garland, Houston, Waco, Austin, San Antonio, as well as locations throughout the country to assist clients with their injuries, we have developed robust practices in wrongful death, large truck accident litigation, serious personal injury, bankruptcy, as well as in specifically foreclosure prevention, bad drug lawsuits, defective product suits, wrongful foreclosure, slip and fall litigation, and numerous other areas.

Above all, Allbee Weaver is committed to fighting for the legal rights to financial compensation and the best possible life for our clients and providing them with superior legal counsel.

Consider the following points when you are seeking excellent counsel, with considerations varying depending on your needs. For example, if you were seeking to retain an attorney to save your home from foreclosure by use of the bankruptcy code, a chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney would be your best option. Hiring an attorney with powerful experience in the field of personal injury would not necessary help you achieve your goal in this instance. On the other hand, if you are hiring a bankruptcy attorney who focuses her or his practice of law almost exclusively on the prevention of foreclosure actions using the bankruptcy code, then you would likely obtain an outcome much more positively suited to your situation.

When you hire a serious injury attorney, here are some elements to consider reviewing with your attorney:
  • Our law firm has extensive experience handling serious injury and accident cases.
  • DLALaw.com is a powerful resource for information regarding how to fight insurance companies to receive the best possible financial outcome.
  • Truck Accidents and other serious injuries related to heave equipment vehicles like semi trucks, commercial vehicles, and more.
  • When hiring a wrongful death attorney, many factors come into play, such as successful verdicts for plaintiffs and making sure the family is taken care of financially.
  • Our law firm holds prestigious designations that comes from decades of caring, powerful legal service and experience on behalf of clients in Texas.
  • With our law firm, you will pay nothing out of pocket for injury lawsuits until we collect from the liable party or insurance companies. We only win when you win!
  • Although bankruptcy is not a magic wand that makes your problems disappear, it is a powerful protection against foreclosure and to help you get your financial house in order.